By Lucia Amsden

Stillness Speaks

A line in the poem in this message reads, “Stop learning, start knowing.” So much of our gathering of information is done to increase our factual knowledge. Knowing, on the other hand, occurs when we expand our awareness of our deeper selves and blend with the Universal energies that are around and within us. Expanding our knowing takes a pathway into our hearts, not our heads.

I am more knowing when I tap into my quiet part where my intuition lies. I feel I am the most receptive to my deeper self when I meditate. I call it my quiet time; I sit with no interruptions and become centered inside myself. I will then sometimes write in my journal or read inspiring material, and I have found this series of meditations, Hopeful Healing Thoughts, to be an especially effective guide toward expanding my mind and body connection and learning how to feel the flow of my energy. As I soften and open my heart during these meditations toward family members, friends, community, and on outward to the Earth and the expansiveness of the Universe, I regularly feel a vast connection—a beautiful web of which I am a part. This awareness of connectedness has gradually become a part of my consciousness.

In aligning with my deeper self, I recognize the importance of balancing my days with pauses from the “doing” of daily life by taking breaks filled with quiet. Even when I’m just sitting in an office waiting for an appointment or standing in line somewhere, I am training myself to momentarily zone out of the activity around me by breathing in calming energy, and I always feel better and lighter. These time-outs can be called on in almost any situation: pausing at the first bite of a meal, before the start of a difficult conversation, or waiting for a red light to change. It really helps to just plop down in a comfortable place and simply relax my body.

As I continue to do these things, as the Knowing message suggests, whether I am aware of it or not, I am growing more mental strength that I can call upon when I need it.

I have noticed that when I am addressing important issues or involved in difficult discussions, I am much more matter-of-fact and calmer. Even in the midst of challenging medical situations, I often disengage for a moment or two and quiet myself. An important aspect of my growing awareness is my expanding trust and acceptance of my body; I know we are in this life together. It is that “knowing” that is allowing our relationship to grow.

In general, I am listening to and becoming more receptive to my inner wisdom. That comes in many forms, from an idea that pops into my mind that feels “right” to an awareness that all is well, even though in the moment I feel as if it isn’t.

This “Knowing” within me is nurtured with times of meditative quiet, short pauses in a busy day, and listening to the voice of my intuition. I am slowly easing into a natural flow that grounds, centers, and aligns me. As I know myself more deeply, my spiritual self continues to grow. I am learning to balance my inner and outer worlds. – Meditations