By Lucia Amsden



Easter is a time of rebirth and celebration, when nature’s annual awakening encourages new vitality in our hearts and minds. We begin to shed the sheltered, hunkered down feelings of wintertime. As the earth rolls into spring, the air fills with the delicious fragrance of emerging flowers, and animals move out from their winter shelters. I am also moved to be present in the world in different ways.

The new beginnings of Spring bring us energy to look afresh at what is nourishing, and what we wish to release. It’s a season of opportunity, when we can move in harmony with the swelling web of life. I remember someone saying that the consciousness of reconciliation is about centering your focus on what you are for, not toward what you are against. That wisdom guides me to focus on what I share with others, and open doors into fresh heartfelt insights.

We all share a heart center where love for each other can grow. When I can look beyond someone’s personality that irritates me, such as a strident television commentor espousing views with which I passionately differ, and hold a feeling of connection with his heart, my judgments that separate us lessen and I feel our shared humanity.

This meditation on Christ Consciousness calls up our awareness of the connection that flows through all of us. It reminds me that we are all cradled by love and parts of the entire Universe. It shifts me profoundly from “me” to “we.”

If we just practice living with love for a single day, we can see how good it feels. When I do this, I’ve found that events may not change, but how I experience them is very different. What a lovely direction to follow—Living with Love. – Meditations