By Lucia Amsden



As the Earth wobbles and spins and humanity lurches from crisis to crisis, most of us are trying to make sense of what is happening around us.

This Healing message guides us toward finding the answer to uncertainty and change by being of service, and what that means personally and globally. It is especially important during this time because we are all moving toward a fundamentally deeper consciousness, shifting away from individual ego energies toward compassionate energy for the Whole.

I am reminded of Shiva, the Hindu deity known as both “Destroyer” and “Creator.” He personifies for me the fact that we cannot move into a new reality without moving away from the old one. As one person wrote about Shiva: “The god is aspiring as well as wrestling to find a divine self; yearning to awaken to a deeper consciousness.” If we can accept the accelerating change around us, it will help us move into the consciousness that is awakening.

For me, the beautiful mandala contained in Discussion 11 is a symbol of the oneness of our shared hearts. The golden circle gives me comfort. When I do the meditation, it helps me move more deeply into my heart.

As I meditate, I cleanse myself of thoughts of illness and other difficulties, unforgiving parts of myself, and absorb the heart mandala’s golden energy. This allows me to feel more deeply my connection with the world. I’ve made a copy of the golden symbol and each time I look at it, I foster my love for myself and others, and my commitment to be of service.

Finally, this message reminds us that at some level we chose to be here at this time, and to be a part of the divine process of furthering the ongoing shift to a higher consciousness. As we continually share love through our daily words and actions, we know that within our glowing mandala, we are one. – Meditations