By Lucia Amsden



A theme throughout the Hopeful Series is the importance of releasing roadblocks of locked-in emotions, so that I am more able to share and receive love. This message focuses on clearing our hearts of emotional blocks by allowing the grounded energy of the Earth to cleanse us.

For me, sitting with my feet on the grass is particularly effective in becoming grounded, as I did while going through the questions contained in the meditation of message 12. One of the questions that especially hit home was, “Do I have any unprocessed emotions?”

I immediately felt a rush of sadness for the people I have lost in my life. There are layers to grief, and this question called up a powerful one. Eventually, my sadness gradually faded to relief as I acknowledged the burden my heart was carrying, and gently released those feelings into the Earth. I felt comfort as my gentle inner voice reminded me of my resilience and internal resources, that have gotten me through the difficult times of my life. It was as if my heart were talking with me, reminding of my ability to weather difficult times.

This loving meditation helps me release emotions of loss that I have long harbored. It gives me the courage to let walls of resistance fade away. I am learning to ease sad memories by allowing their feelings to flow and then releasing their energy, so they don’t become blocks to my growth. And as I get to know my heart more deeply, love for myself continues to unfold.

In the process of refocusing and lightening up, I sometimes reach into to an inner basket full of memories of times and places where I felt free and easy. I think of them as my “joy points”.

I wrote down once a list of some of my joy points. I included times when I felt abundant and grateful for my life experiences, accomplishments of overcoming difficult situations, travel, mentors, moments of awe, lovely places in nature, and the special joy of creating. They are all there for me, in my basket.

I strengthen my mental muscles by focusing on them, and sometimes place one alongside a memory of limitation or loss. I am just beginning to tap into the power of open-heartedly questioning myself about my thoughts and feelings.

We are truly all connected. When we go deeply into our hearts, we not only open ourselves to more joy, harmony, and equanimity; we also lighten the way for others. Thought by thought, we are together changing the world! – Meditations