FTLOH Integrated Healing Energy Services

Energy Healing Services – 55 minutes $130

Energy Healing Service Sessions

A healing session begins with submitting Client Information and Consent to Treatment forms which are available on the footer of the website. Please send the forms via email or bring them into the office when you arrive. Once your appointment begins we take payment, listen to the current reason for your appointment, and take brief notes to track your progress in your sessions.

For an In-Office Energy Healing Session we ask you to lie face down fully clothed on the massage table. If you are unable to get up on a massage table, we can do the work with you sitting in a chair. One of us will assess your energy and begin to place our hands on the appropriate acupressure points on your back to connect with the flow of your own energy. You may be asked to take some deep breaths or to visualize a scene in nature. Half way through the session we ask you to turn over on the table and we then work on the acupressure points at your feet, belly, and head to further help bring your energy into balance. At the end of the healing session you will be given some form of a personal practice to do in the comfort of your home which we call Healing Homework! This may include meditation, movement, sound, visualization, personalized yogic energy exercises and practicing being quiet inside. All of these personalized practices support your healing process and help you learn personal energy management that lasts for a lifetime!

Using Zoom for the Computer/Phone Energy Healing Session follows the same protocol as above without the hands-on-work.

Call to experience the magic of flow. 972.400.0807

Group and Individual Meditation Facilitation  Р55 minutes $100.00 and up

Meditation is a very necessary element to healing and personal growth. Learning how to quiet your mind and calm your body are key elements to learning how to manage your energy and move toward greater health and wellness.  We use various meditation techniques including; re-focus, visualization, breath work, movement and sound. Please check our web site or our Facebook page for upcoming meditation classes or call to schedule individual sessions for your self or some for your office or group.

Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions – 55 minutes $100.00

If you feel more comfortable practicing or learning in a one-on-one situation, Personal  Spiritual Counseling sessions are available by appointment with any of our staff members. Please call to schedule an appointment. 972.400.0807

Private Yoga Session – 55 minutes $130 – October – May

Barbara Tudhope, a Viniyoga Therapist, offers personalized yoga practice for you to do in the comfort of your own home. Some of the yoga methods used are movement, sound, breath work and visualization. These methods help support your own healing process by calming your nervous system, deepening your focus, supporting a more balanced flow of energy, creating more flexibility, cultivating awareness and assisting in restoring balance to an injured part of the body. Please call to schedule an appointment. 972.400.0807

Other Group Classes and Workshops – as scheduled throughout the year.

Check with the website and our Facebook Page.