Service – Energy Session – 55 minutes $135

Our healing service is called an “energy session” and it begins by connecting with us by phone, email, text to gather any information you might need about us or the sessions,  followed by submitting a Client Information Form and a Consent to Treatment form both linked at the bottom of this page. Once filled out send the forms via email.  Call us at 972.400.0807 to schedule an appointment either remotely or in the office appointment located in north Dallas. Our sessions last approximately 55 minutes.

At the beginning of your energy session, tell us the reason for the energy session including  specific areas, concermns, and help you need. The energy work itself, involves setting the intent of the session with you, then and can include our use of visualization, touch, focused breathing, yogic and other energy exercises. Whether the session is in our office, remotely by Zoom,  talk on the phone or use of other video talk platforms,  energy has no boundaries and we can work with you anywhere. Together we help your energy to move, ground, and flow in its normal healthy pattern.

At the end of the energy session you will be given some form of personal practice to do which we call Healing Homework! Homework includes tools to quiet, meditate, energy exercises, affirmations, journal writing, or anything helpful to support your healing. Blocked energy flows often require more than 1 appointment to correct. So, we offer a package of 4 sessions at a considerable savings to our clients.

Call us to experience the “magic of flow.” 972.400.0807

Service- Group and Individual Meditation Facilitation  – 55 minutes $100.00 and up

Another service we offer is meditation which is a very necessary element to healing and personal growth. If you were to search the Internet you would notice many various meditations to try. Working with us as facilitator is quite different! We offer a deeper and more personal experience. We teach how to quiet the mind,  to be present with your body, and to provide direct guidance into feeling anchored, stable and grounded!

In fact, we offer weekly virtual meditation gatherings via Zoom. All are invited! If meditation is new to you, or you have tried it before and it didn’t seem to work, we encourage you to attend a session.

Service – Private Yoga Session – 55 minutes $130 – October – May

As another serviceBarbara Tudhope, a Viniyoga Therapist, offers personalized yoga practice for you to do in the comfort of your own home. Some of the yoga methods used are movement, sound, breath work and visualization. These methods help support your own healing process by calming your nervous system, deepening your focus, supporting a more balanced flow of energy, creating more flexibility, cultivating awareness and assisting in restoring balance to an injured part of the body. Please call to schedule an appointment. 972.400.0807

Service – Other Group Classes and Workshops – as scheduled throughout the year.

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