By Lucia Amsden



The attributes of kindness, acceptance, and unconditional love are the subjects of messages 8, 9, and 10. They are in essence a mini-series within the overall Hopeful Healing messages, and this mini-series focuses on learning and experiencing our higher minds.

These three messages together take us on a journey into our bodies’ energy system, especially addressing the chakras in the areas of the third eye in the middle of the forehead, the throat, and the solar plexus. The purpose is to bring more kind, accepting, and unconditional loving thoughts into our bodies, minds, and hearts.

As the messages keep reminding us, our minds are not just in our brains, they are present in every part of our bodies, even our DNA. The fact that our thoughts occur throughout our bodies seems to radically expand the definition of mind, but we know that as we improve and uplift our thought patterns, our bodies respond by not being so tensely on guard. As our bodies relax, they are able in turn to take in more energy, which allows our thoughts to shift again toward more ease. What a great circular process!

In the meditation of this message 8, we focus on the third eye in the center of our forehead, the location of the chakra that connects us with Universal wisdom through our intuitive knowing. We bring in the color of lavender, or perhaps another color that might come to us. While I am doing this mediation, I like to place my fingers on the middle of my forehead.

Message 9, the second part of the mini-series, deals with the chakra energy center located at the indentation between our collar bones at the base of our throat. The color of this energy is blue, and among other things, it enhances our communications with a higher and meaningful expression.

In Message 10, the third in the mini-series, we place our hands on our solar plexus chakra, three finger widths below our navel. With this meditation, we cleanse away old memories that we no longer need and are ready to release.

As I think about the attributes involved in these three messages, I realize that they are qualities we wish for from someone we love. Most of us were taught that if we behave in good ways toward others, we will in turn be well-liked and happy. It’s hard, though, to be genuine and open-hearted with others, if we haven’t worked toward being our own best friend. Once I realized that, it was wonderful to turn inward and find myself waiting inside to be my own loving friend.

It makes me smile to think about the beliefs I cling to just because I have carried them for a long time. Seeing love as something that comes to us primarily from the outside, is a good example.

Medical situations are a prime spot for me to mindlessly be drawn into “awfulizing” and experiencing floating anxiety. As I work on this mental habit, I bring myself into balance by inserting positive thoughts, mindful breath, and visualizations into the stream of mental negativity, and my stress lessens. It is a process and I am learning to be patient as I unearth the many layers.

Lately I am working with my body in lowering my blood pressure. It presents a symptomatic opportunity to deepen my equanimity. In general, I want more of an inner relaxed calm flow of energy throughout my body. During the day, I often quiet myself momentarily to be open to receive from the amazing Universe a relaxed flow through me.

When I get to that quiet place, I feel my entire energy system relax, and as I keep practicing, my inner guidance and health feels stronger. Feeling a direct connection with universal energy opens me to my higher wisdom and compassion for myself and others -moment by moment. In some ways I am creating an inner sanctuary where I want to live and from which to express myself, no matter what is happening.

Also, I am aware that the interactions I have with my thoughts have become kinder. I recently returned to tai chi after a long hiatus and was surprised that my body remembered some of the positions. More importantly, I felt my mind and body flow in harmony with my movement and breath, as my muscle memory came back. Of course, one aspect of having forgotten many parts of the form is a feeling of regret that I had stopped doing tai chi when it is so good for me. I kindly answered myself, as any good friend would, “Well, the important thing is that you are showing up now.”

I call important positive shifts such as feeling a direct flow of peace from the universe and conversing with my thoughts in a kind way, private victories. No one else is aware of the good that is going on inside me, but my body, mind, and heart sure do. It’s my own little secret that keeps on giving. – Meditations